Informations about the website and platform NFTexperience.
The Platform aims to demonstrate the project clearly and allow its users to acquire NFTexperience and exclusives within the members area. The platform intermediates the exchange of NFTs Experience for BNB, through a decentralized wallet, Metamask, mandatory configured on the Binance Smart Chain.
We are not responsible for passwords used on Metamask for purchases on our platform, if you lose access to your Metamask wallet you will also no longer have access to NFTs purchased on our platform. We will make it possible to sell NFTs Experience on our platform, this will be described in our RoadMap. Prize draws will also be held on the platform and will be broadcast on official channels. After purchase, you will be able to include the token in your wallet through the blockchain contract and you will be able to verify its veracity through the NFTexperience token.
The user will be able to, by logging in to the platform, using the same Metamask wallet, see their data and purchased NFTs. In addition, after completing the registration, you can guarantee participation in the experience contest. After the effective operation of the NFTs sale function is made available within the platform, the user, through his login, with the same Metamask wallet, will be able to release his NFT(s) for sale and exchange.
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