Clan X
About the Clan X, unique experiences, benefits and closed community opportunities of NFTexperience holders. Clan X is a exclusive membership pass for NFT collectors and investors.
Clan X born after a deeply talks and through an initiative created by the founders: Lord X, Mind X, Night Man, Gold Mind, Bit Guy, ETH Man and The Diamond Hands. The initiative is to enable normal people could enjoy memorable experiences and live the life of billionaires (even if only for a short time). Learn more here!
Lord X have many plans and luxury and amazing experiences for normal people.
As NFTs are limited and the advantage for ClanX members is very advantageous, this will generate scarcity and whoever owns NFTexperience will have a highly could generate interesting profits. Thus, the completion of registration in Clan X allows NFT holders to have exclusive access, unique opportunities and differentiated benefits within the exclusive areas for members. NFTexperience was designed to give unique experiences to people who own the NFTexperience, the benefits are as follows:
• Participate in monthly raffles of experiences designed by LordX, where the first will be Dubai, each month there will be a new experience.
Exclusive group on Discord, with weekly cryptocurrency contests and puzzles and insider information.
• Purchase the NFTexperience Governance Token in private, by PinkSale, before the public sale on Binance.
• Buy the LordX and Clan X Founders Collection at OpenSea for 50% off
• There will be weekly cryptocurrency raffles that will increase according to the entry of new members of ClanX.
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